About The Rose Spa in Slatlake

At The Rose Spa Saltlake, Kolkata! we believe in the transformative power of self-care. Our dedicated team of experienced therapists is committed to guiding you on a journey of rejuvenation and renewal. With a deep understanding of various wellness practices, our therapists curate each treatment to address your unique needs and preferences.

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a range of indulgent experiences, from therapeutic spa, massages to revitalizing facials. The soothing ambiance, infused with delicate fragrances, transports you to a world of serenity from the moment you step in.

As a testament to our commitment to your well-being, we prioritize cleanliness and hygiene. Rigorous sanitation protocols and the use of premium, quality products ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with every visit.

Experience the epitome of relaxation and personalized care at The Rose Spa Saltlake. Allow us to be your partners in self-care, guiding you towards a balanced and harmonious life through our nurturing touch and rejuvenating therapies.

Best Services

The Rose Spa Saltlake is committed to providing you with a high-quality body spa and massage treatment at a pocket friendly cost.

To enjoy the tranquilly, simply call us and we will schedule an appointment for you.

About Lavender SPA

Welcome to the Lavender SPA, one of the premier full-body massage parlours in Kolkata dedicated to providing you with the best massage experience.